Friday, 22 October 2010

CATCH THE BUZZ - 5 Day Week For P.O. Delivery


Five-day delivery is part of the solution to declining revenue, volumes

But what happens to Queens and Packages Over The Weekend?

The United States Postal Service is facing unprecedented volume declines and a projected $238 billion shortfall during the next decade. To ensure that America continues to have a viable Postal Service, the Postmaster General has introduced a comprehensive plan including cost cutting, increased productivity and certain legislative and regulatory changes that will form the necessary foundation for a leaner, more flexible Postal Service.

Five-day delivery is one of the fundamental changes that will help the Postal Service better respond to changing customer needs.

Profound technological and social changes have altered the way Americans communicate. For many, electronic media have replaced the letter as the primary means of social and business communication. Revenue from First-Class Mail – the Postal Service’s longtime bread-and-butter product — continues to decline as the use of electronic message delivery increases.

Electronic diversion and the recession are significant contributors to a continuing decline in mail volume, which in fiscal year 2009 plummeted by 25.6 billion pieces — nearly 13 percent of total volume — resulting in a Postal Service revenue drop of nearly $7 billion. The trends underlying these declines will only continue.

Current global economic conditions have put the largest users of the mail under severe financial stress. In the past, they spent millions of dollars on mailings and now many have drastically cut back on their use of mail.

Five days of delivery, six days of service

While several steps must be taken to fully address the revenue gap, five-day delivery is one of the Postal Service’s best options to significantly reduce its costs to partially offset its unprecedented mail volume and revenue declines, with Saturday being the best day to eliminate carrier delivery.

Why Saturday? It has the week’s lowest daily volume, and more than a third of U.S. businesses are closed Saturday. Most businesses and households surveyed in a national Gallup Poll indicated Saturday would be the least disruptive day to eliminate mail delivery. That conclusion has since been reinforced by recent Postal Service market research.

This website is designed to provide postal customers with information regarding our proposal to implement a five-day delivery schedule for street addresses. We hope you find the site informative as the Postal Service strives to continue to be as dynamic and adaptive as the marketplace and customers it serves.

The Postal Service plans to implement five-day delivery in fiscal year 2011. Implementation is contingent on Congress not enacting legislation to prevent that change in service. In addition, the Postal Service asked the Postal Regulatory Commission on March 30 to review its plans and issue a non-binding advisory opinion.

This site contains basic facts about Postal Service plans for five-day delivery, guides for customers and general information about a potential five-day delivery schedule.

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Central Beekeepers Alliance : PEI Honey Product Wins Prestigious Prize

Central Beekeepers Alliance : PEI Honey Product Wins Prestigious Prize

PEI Honey Product Wins Prestigious Prize

Posted: 21 Oct 2010 07:39 PM PDT

Central Beekeepers Alliance sends its hearty congratulations to Island Abbey Foods Ltd. of Prince Edward Island. The company just won the Global SIAL d'Or, one of the world's top food prizes, for its innovative Honibe Honey Drop, a dried honey product in the form of a lozenge, used to sweeten a hot beverage with honey just as easily as you’d drop a sugar cube in your afternoon tea:

Have you ever held honey in your hand? Well now you can: introducing the Honey Drop™. The Honey Drop™ solves a common problem: liquid honey can be messy. The Honey Drop™ is an individual serving (one teaspoon / 5 g.) of 100% pure dried honey without any additives or binding agents. All of the natural honey flavor without any of the mess.

The Global Food Marketplace convention, SIAL D'Or – an event for all those involved in the food industry: retail, trade, manufacturing, catering and food services – was held in Paris, France, from Sunday, October 17 through Thursday, October 21, 2010. Island Abbey Foods won among 1,500 competitors from 30 countries.

"We are incredibly honored to win the Global SIAL d'Or," said John Rowe, President and CEO of Island Abbey Foods Ltd. "They gave out the country awards first where we received the 'Best in Canada Award,' then the category awards were presented and we received our 'Best Grocery Sweet' award, and after much suspense they announced Honibe as the Grand Prize winner."

For more information, visit

PEI Honey Product Wins Prestigious Prize was written and published by the Central Beekeepers Alliance - Honey Bees & Beekeeping in New Brunswick, Canada. For more information, please visit