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Apiconsult Newsletter January 2013

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African Beekeeping Newsletter - January 2013 Edition
An Occasional Newsletter on African Bees & Beekeeping
Knowledge is the Key
Want to know how to develop African beekeeping?

Africa is a big and diverse continent.  According to the website there are 56 de facto states in Africa including Somaliland.  Geographically the continent has an area of 30,220,000 km².  That is bigger than Europe, China and the USA put together (29,167,308 km²).  The continent covers about one fifth of the total land area on the planet.  According to Google, in 2011 there were just over 1 billion people living on the continent of Africa and a majority of the world's poorest countries today are found in Africa.

There are many different cultures in Africa and according to the United Nation's agency, UNESCO the number of languages spoken in Africa varies between 1,000 and 2,500 depending on different estimates and definitions.  Many of these cultures have their own traditional beekeeping knowledge and practices.  The climate and vegetation of Africa ranges from desert to savannah grassland to jungle to sub-arctic conditions..........  

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Bee Book Update Planned
A Beginner's Guide to Beekeeping in Kenya


I am planning to develop a second edition of the above book which is currently available for free download from the Apiconsult website.   Please find the book by clicking here.  The target date for completion of the updated book is the end of June 2013.  I would like to add an additional chapter to the book on frame hive beekeeping in Kenya and generally update the contents.  For example varroa mites were discovered in Kenya after the book was written and information on varroa needs to be included.  The book will also be redesigned and made more digital friendly to ensure it is easily read accross a range of devices such as PCs, tablet computers and smartphones.  The updated book will remain on the Apiconsult site as a free download for all beekeepers across Africa.  If you would like to support the update of the book please support this project on Indiegogo

If you have any other suggestions on how the book can be improved I would also like to hear from you.

Thank you for your support,

Tom Carroll, PhD


Harvesting the honey
Advice Available
If you are a Business, Charity, NGO or Donor Agency and thinking of a beekeeping intervention in Africa Apiconsult can help.  

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