Wednesday, 15 December 2010

CATCH THE BUZZ - Honey Locator Better Than Ever


The National Honey Board’s ‘’ Offers

Honey Varietal Information, Inspiration to Foodservice Professionals


FIRESTONE, Colo. – Dec. 10, 2010 – Bearing a new look and enhanced features, the National Honey Board’s Honey Locator website ( is the top honey varietal information resource and “one-stop shop” for foodservice professionals.  Easy one-click searches allow use rs to find honey varietals and their suppliers by state or region, or source honey varietals of their choosing from anywhere in the United States.

Pure, one-ingredient honey comes in more than 300 varietals in the U.S. alone.   Each varietal has a distinct flavor profile, aroma and color, based on the floral source visited by the producing honey bees.  Varietals range from the ubiquitous Clover honey to regional specialties like Lehua honey from Hawaii and Tupelo honey from northern Florida.  Popular varietals for foodservice applications (largely based on availability) include:  Buckwheat, Eucalyptus, Orange Blossom, Sage, Sourwood and Wildflower. 

“Honey varietals can add depth and interest to foodservice recipes across the menu – from beverages and appetizers to main courses and desserts,” explains Emily Manelius, communications specialist at the National Honey Board.  “In addition, the use of honey varietals to add a regional flavor and flair to recipes is of growing interest.”

“We are pleased to offer the Honey Locator as a unique and comprehensive resource to foodservice professionals,” adds Ms. Manelius.  “We believe the newly updated website will inspire innovative, new honey varietal recipes on menus nationwide.”   

The National Honey Board’s 2010 “Honey Trends Survey” confirms that honey usage is on the rise among foodservice operators, with survey respondents attributing the growth primarily to “new menu items” (34%) and “greater demand” (22%).  Interestingly, only 31% of respondents to the survey were aware of the scope of honey varietals available.  Additional survey results will be released later this month.

The National Honey Board is a federal research and promotion board under USDA oversight that conducts research, marketing and promotion programs to help maintain and expand markets for honey and honey products. These programs are funded by an assessment of one cent per pound on domestic and imported honey.


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